Baltimore is a Corrupt Shithole!
Vaeth v. City of Baltimore, et al.
Lack of Accountability is What Drives the Engine 
In the United States District Court  Case No. ELH-18-1600 
Baltimore's legacy of government sanctioned discrimination has persisted and been compounded for years by ineffective management in City Hall, making it a challenging city to provide public safety services to its citizens and to the tourists who visit us. The City has some of the busiest responding fire companies in the nation. Indeed, a member of the Baltimore City Fire Department with 5-years on the job has the experience of a 20-year firefighter almost anywhere else. The sheer volume of calls that they respond to is just one of the challenges firefighters face. As is painfully obvious with the police department, they deal with their fair share of ineffective leadership too.

Indeed, the Baltimore City Fire Department has it's own history of misconduct. One of the most notable is the long-standing practice of discriminating against potential applicants and members of the department who were black. The situation had to be addressed by the federal courts, who determined that the City demonstrated an illegal pattern of well established discriminatory policies that violated their civil rights. The department was ordered to appoint new classes to the fire academy that were comprised of at least 30% minority probationary firefighters. That was in 1973. The current matter before the Court in the above-entitled action shows that not much has changed.

Since then, the malfeasance demonstrated by City Hall has caused the near destruction of a fire department that was well respected in the fire service in not only the United States, but the rest of the world. If not for that newly established diverse group of firefighters, the department would be wholly ineffective in accomplishing its core principle, "Pride Protecting People" of which it does despite the lack of support from elected and appointed officials they are subjected to. It is the absence of leadership and the breakdown of competence along the chain of command that has morale of the men and women of the department lower than ever.
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