The fight against corruption continues​​
As a Baltimore City Firefighter I have not only witnessed the incompetence of Baltimore City officials, I have been a victim of it. On my site you will find out how the incompetence leads to cover ups to hide it and the City spares no expense, or illegal tactic, to accomplish it. They are even using the General Assembly, who is completely feckless to stop them, and drafting more and more legislation that takes rights away from us. It's time to put a stop to it and demand more from our representatives in Annapolis. After all, every taxpayer in Maryland is paying for it.
​​I didn't pick this fight, but I'm going to win it....
In 1996, I was seriously injured while in the line-of-duty fighting a 5-alarm building fire. I fell four stories down a stairwell and suffered a spinal cord injury. After being told at one point that I may never walk again, I recovered sufficiently enough to return to duty. After suffering another serious injury on the job, the City's doctor said he would not return me back to frontline firefighting and I was ordered to retire. You'd think that the City would take the responsibility and provide for their police and firefighters who suffer serious injuries but they don't. In most cases, the injury is just the beginning of the tragedy that is municipal malfeasance and as I said before, nobody wants to stop it. I will. 
Over the past ten years, I have been in and out of court with the City of Baltimore over this issue. I have alleged that the Baltimore City Solicitor committed fraud on the court to get my case thrown out. The Justice Department has continually refused to intervene and investigate this very serious allegation. You have the right to know whether or not government lawyers are lying to the courts, but in making the charge, you better have the evidence to show it. It is an often insurmountable hurdle because you are taking on a group of over 100 lawyers that perfect their craft of screwing you every day. Try going it without a lawyer, or an exceptional understanding of the law, and you might as well consider yourself done.
"George Nilson, I've known Mr. Nilsonfor years and he is a high
quality individual and I know that his conduct is consistent with the 
high standards of the City Solicitor's Office over many years."
The corruption is being brought to light virtually daily...
Public trust and confidence in our legal system are grounded in the perception of fairness and equity in our courts and in the offices, that support our courthouses.​​
As reflected in the Baltimore City Code, the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore recognizes that our system of representative government largely depends on the people’s trust in their public servants. Therefore, the need for impartiality is essential in safe-guarding that trust. The citizens of Baltimore City rely on their public servants to preserve our safety, health, and welfare through the fair and impartial enforcement of laws, the imposition of taxes, and the expenditure of public funds. The Mayor and City Council concluded that each citizen of Baltimore City has a right to be assured of the fair, impartial, and independent judgment of all public servants and properly enacted Article 8 of the Baltimore City Code for the sole purpose of guarding against improper influence, or even the appearance of it, being exerted over the legislative process.

It set minimum ethical standards of conduct for City officials and employees to require certain officials and employees to disclose their financial interests, and to require persons engaged in lobbying activities to register and disclose those activities. More importantly, the intent is to generally protect the public welfare. If the idea is to provide protections against improper influence, or even the mere appearance of it, I think you will find that public sentiment on that is, as low as the trust the public has in government is right now. The City has not been as transparent in the dissemination of public information, as it has been in the past.
Abstract -
The City of Baltimore is plagued by corruption, a fact of which cannot be argued and no longer ignored. It has shaken the public trust in our elected and appointed officials. The problem goes largely overlooked by City agencies charged with oversight related to official misconduct perpetrated under the color of law. Instead of carrying out their duties consistent with their legal and moral obligations, the Office of the Baltimore City Solicitor, legal counsel for the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, routinely and improperly chooses to forward legally inconsistent arguments, withholds relevant evidence that they have in their possession, and fabricates evidence that they don't have to unlawfully obtain rulings from the courts that are favorable to the Mayor and City Council. They go all in to win at any cost to the detriment of the very system of fair and equal justice these appointed attorneys for the City of Baltimore swear an oath to uphold. Their actions threaten not only the judicial process, but all citizens who are exposed to litigating matters before the court. This failure of responsible oversight allows the Baltimore City Solicitor’s long-standing pattern and practice of misconduct to continue at their will.
 Purpose - 
To help you find, understand, and have information relating to the misconduct demonstrated by our government officials. The evidence presented demonstrates fundamental violations of constitutional rights and ethics laws by City officials. 

​This site is focused on the corruption demonstrated in the public safety sector of Baltimore City government but is not exclusive to it. We recognize that it is demonstrated throughout all City agencies. Our research has revolved around the billion dollar pension system and why the administrations have been attacking it. The union has played a role in it too. 
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KAL Baltimore Sun Cartoon.
Assistant Baltimore City Fire Chief Accused of Incompetence
BCFD Chief Safety officer Leaves The Fire Department Unexpectedly But Not Without Sending An Up Roaring Email Telling An Assistant Chief Just How He Feels.
Click Here to See Just How Far The Corruption Runs Inside of BCFD Headquarters...
April 24. 2018   I  fire department

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