Baltimore City Firefighters & Police Officers Lose Pensions Due to Incompetence and Fraud 

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The members of the Baltimore City Fire & Police Departments get to work in an environment that is infected by the culture of corruption that is nurtured by City Hall. Their jobs are under attack everyday and if they don't conform with the leadership that consistently demands more, while giving less, they get retaliated against. My case, which is detailed extensively here , is just one example. You will find that if you asked any police officer or firefighter that you know how they are treated by the City I bet you will hear a horror story. The bottomline is the citizens of Baltimore suffer the direct effects for this incompetence and the rest of the state pays for it through supplemental budget appropriations. These appropriations are made in response to the failure of our elected officials to uphold their oaths of office and run these agenciesn according to the law. What does the federal government have to say about the corruption committed by our elected and appointed officials in the City? Nothing. They won't lift a finger to do anything about it. The only officials ever prosecuted for it are low level rank and file employees who engage in misconduct. 

Baltimore City firefighters engage in one of the most dangerous and physically taxing professions in this nation, wherein they regularly risk serious physical injury and face life threatening situations in service to the residents of the City of Baltimore. The intent is to provide the best service that is possible, to advance the general health and welfare of the City while protecting the public servants who suffer serious injury in furtherance of that intent. The notion that a public servant who risks serious injury while performing their duties can be denied of disability pension benefits after suffering a disabling injury is repugnant and goes against all standards of logical reasoning. Instead, the City of Baltimore has a history of purposely and willfully denying firefighters, whose actions reflect immense credit on the Mayor, the City Council, and the Chief of Fire Department, of their rightful benefits by subjecting them to a process that determines the eligibility of those benefits that is arbitrary and capricious in and of itself.