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Burned Beyond Recognition
Vaeth v. City of Baltimore, et al.
By Brian Vaeth  
Updated 14 mins ago
10:02 p.m. EST, February 16, 2019 
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This is what happens to Baltimore City Firefighters all of the time...
Baltimore City firefighters engage in one of the most dangerous and physically taxing professions in the nation, wherein they regularly risk serious physical injury and face life threatening situations in service to the citizens of Baltimore City. 
Timely and responsibly meeting the medical and basic living expenses of firefighters who are determined to be disabled after being injured in the Line of Duty is not just a legal obligation, but a moral one. An injury should not result in medical conditions worsened by delay and denial of necessary benefits, nor should it leave the firefighter, or their family, financially destitute and emotionally battered. Those entrusted with maintaining the medical files related to injuries suffered in the performance of a firefighter's duties have a clear responsibility to do so, as provided for in the Baltimore City Code. In no way should the failure of officials within the City of Baltimore to properly maintain and submit the complete medical files of injured members to investigatory authorities create obstacles bound to worsen the physical and financial conditions of members of the department who have suffered debilitating injuries. Instead of carrying out these duties consistent with their legal and moral obligations, the Office of the Baltimore City Solicitor, legal counsel for the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, routinely and improperly chooses to ​​forward legally inconsistent arguments, withhold relevant evidence that they have in their possession, and fabricate evidence that they don't have, to unlawfully obtain a ruling from the courts that is favorable to them, so the wrongful denial of what is ultimately the City of Baltimore's obligation to the members of the Fire & Police Employees Retirement System can
continue. The lack of responsible oversight allows the Baltimore City Solicitor’s long-standing pattern and practice of disability discrimination to continue at their will.