The Rule of Law Means Nothing...  
Baltimore, MD - Following the in-custody death of Freddie Gray, the City of Baltimore "requested" that the United States Department of Justice come in and investigate the patterns and practices of the Baltimore Police Department. The Division of Civil Rights completed an exhaustive review and issued the findings of their investigation. They were horrifying and very much implicated the City of Baltimore in a criminal conspiracy to commit fraud, theft, and even murder, but stopped just short of assessing the involvement of the real guilty parties in the perpetration of those crimes, the upper crust of City management. I am going to expose it all here and explain exactly why it is so important. Your money is supporting it.
Even If You Find Corruption Reprehensible, You're Still Supporting It. 
The DOJ's report concluded that the corruption in the Baltimore Police Department was more than a mere pattern or practice of constitutional misconduct, it was a culture. It outlined the lawlessness of officers who were flagrantly violating it by committing perjury in the criminal reports they were filing and completely botching investigations related to police misconduct. They recognized that none of the acceptable best standards practices of law enforcement agencies nationwide conformed to the proper manner in which these investigations were conducted. I am saying that they were botched on purpose, but the report stopped short of alleging it. I'm not and have alleged it all along.

What is happening is, Baltimore is a lawless place. It begins at City Hall and flows into the communities like the millions of gallons of raw sewage that flows from our broken sewers into our creeks and streams everytime it rains. We were set up all along and what our politicians did was use our elective franchise to build a protection racket for themselves, while subjecting us to the millions in cost that their corruption burdens us with. It is not just the $6Million payout to the Freddie Gray family, when a lawsuit was never even filed. That is peanuts compared to the totality of the scheme. Look at the hundreds of millions of dollars the taxpayers will pay because of the deal the City made with the US Dept. of Justice in the Consent Decree they signed, as a result of the investigation.  
The Consent Decree Is Fake, Here's Why... 
In 1999, when O'Malley was elected Mayor of Baltimore, he initiated his zero tolerance police policy. It was a policing strategy that led to thousands of illegal arrests and was blamed by the Justice Department for the ongoing illegal practices of the police department. It focused on officers making petty arrests for spitting on the sidewalk or drinking a beer. It focused almost exclusively on the African American community, a fact that means that zero tolerance was not just illegal and ineffective but actually responsible for the persistent violence and poverty that continues to afflict black communities in the city. In 2006, the NAACP filed a lawsuit against the City of Baltimore for the unconstitutional actions of the police department. It named O'Malley, former police commissioners Leonard Hamm, Edward Norris, Kevin Clark, and Fred Bealefeld, along with former Mayor Sheila Dixon, as defendants. ​

In 2010, the NAACP settled the lawsuit with the City for $870,000 and agreed to appoint an outside auditor to review "quality of life arrests" due to "a broad pattern of abuse" in the police department. Another auditor had already been in place after another multi-million dollar lawsuit that had been settled earlier against the City that alleged widespread racial discrimination. The details of that settlement mandated that the settlement be kept confidential. The President of the NAACP, at the time, was Ben Jealous. Now, this means that the City acknowledged that the problems existed, as far back as 2006 but remained defiant on correcting the behavior. This is an important fact, one that you will recognize in a moment but armed with this acknowledgement, Mr. Jealous weilded a lot of power in ensuring that reforms were made, however, he obviously decided not to use it. While citizens were wasting their time filing complaints about police misconduct, because those complaints were not investigated properly, Mr. Jealous could have been a fierce advocate for them in obtaining justice by standing in support of them. He remained silent.

In 2016, as a result of the same tactics that the City already acknowledged existed in the aforementioned settlements, Freddie Gray died in police custody. Everybody knows what happened in response. The City was caught up in a period of violence and civil disobedience. After fumbling the response of City and State law enforcement assets, the Governor and the Mayor restored order by promising more reforms to the department. Mr. Jealous was surprisingly quiet, at this time. Being that he was the President of the NAACP, he missed a golden opportunity to establish himself, as the front runner for the Office of Governor in November had he been engaged. I suppose running for Governor was not on his radar then or else you would have seen him everywhere. I didn't and I was out there too. Why is this all important? I'm going to get to that now.

Recent changes in the MD Local Government Tort Claims Act (LGTCA)raised the amount that someone could sue and recover damages due to the negligence of local governments. The amount was $200,000 but in 2016, it was raised to $400,000 for each individual claim and $800,000.00 for total of all claims arising from the same event (up from the previous limit of $400,000.00) So why did the City settle the lawsuit filed by the NAACP for $620,000 more than what they were legally responsible to pay? More importantly, why did the City settle with the family of Freddie Gray for $6,000,000 before a lawsuit was even filed? It was because of the City's knowledge that the problems existed in the Baltimore Police Department, as far back as 2006 and up to the time of the United States Department of Justice, Division of Civil Rights investigation into the pattern and practices of the department, that these problems were not fixed. In fact, it seemed to only exascerbate the problem. Because of this fact, the caps on the awards available under the MD LGTCA were out and the awards could be much higher. Now, if the City would have went to trial and lost in these cases, the officials would have been required to testify, thereby subjecting them to perjury on the stand. If they told the truth, their negligence would have been uncovered and not only could they be liable for the awards available under the caps, those officals would be subject to an award on top of that. The taxpayers would only be liable for the amount of the award that was over the caps and those officials who stood by and did nothing would be held personally responsible. That is why they are always sued in their capacity in the office they hold, but in the individual capacity, as well. They protected themselves from liability using our money and they covered for their criminal acts by making sure no one would ever prosecuted. Here's how they accomplished that.  

In something resembling the protection rackets run by the mafia, the City of Baltimore devised their own protection scheme to save them from criminal prosecution. In the first action that could be taken in the General Assembly in 2011, immediately following the 2010 settlement, State Senator Lisa Gladden, along with Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams, submitted legislation that effectively blocked people from accessing the grand jury in Baltimore City alone. This was a way in which citizens could present charges to them when the State's Attorney for Baltimore City refused to. The State's Attorney routinely abuses their discretion in this aspect by not presenting complaints against senior City officials, as they should. The only agency in the City with the authority to investigate complaints of corruption brought by people is the Inspector General. The Mayor, it has been reported, ordered the Inspector not to investigate any complaints against City Hall officials. See that report here. 

As for the federal government, the only official with the authority to present charges to the federal grand jury is the US Attorney. There is no provision like the one Maryland State has that allows the public to access that body. We rely on the US Attorney to provide the oversight necessary when the State turns their back on us but we are finding out more everyday that the US Attorney's Office is a part of the protection racket and not doing the work of the people, as he should.

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