Let's Start With Telling the Truth
We need to do better
We can't back off of it now, so what we need is a plan that provides healthcare for all, regardless of the ability to pay. We, together, are the single largest payer of healthcare bills through Social Security. We can leverage our money against the industry.

Democrats are crying that TrumpCare cuts $700BN from the budget overall but Congress also created the Budget Control Act which mandates that the deficit must be cut by $1.2 TRILLION over the next 10 years. This was determined by the Senate Select Committee on Budget Reduction under the Obama Administration. On top of that, the ARRA (bailouts after the 2008 economic meltdown dished out by both Bush... and Obama) will cost $575 BILLION and we will see $212 BILLION in less revenue collected due to tax breaks given out in the ARRA through 2019. The Medicaid Expansion Program was responsible for 98.5% of federal spending in 2016, which is not federal funding. Spending is money handed out that isn't paid for yet. It is also costing 50% more than estimated by the "non-partisan" Congressional Budget Office. Given the money that TrumpCare gives back to the states, $70BN to reform Medicaid (which would offset the costs for the Medicaid Expansion Program) and funding to fight opioid addiction, I think the $700 BILLION reduction is right in line with the intent of the Budget Control Act when the money should have gone to pay the bills that we owed. Medicaid was never intended to carry healthy people are capable of working. Just children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the disabled.

In 2014, 303 people died of drug and alcohol overdoses, a 19% increase from 2013. Of those who died of overdose in 2014, 192 people died as a result of heroin intoxication. This is more than the number of people who died of homicide in our city. Preventing overdose deaths has to be a top public health priority. The state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) oversees the Overdose Response Program, which authorizes private or public entities to conduct educational training programs. These programs train individuals to recognize and respond to opioid-related overdoses and certify them to safely administer naloxone. Authorized entities issue certificates to successfully-trained individuals and may have a physician or nurse practitioner on site to write prescriptions to certificate holders and dispense naloxone. We plan to work in partnership with all local jurisdictions with the intent on reducing the effects of drug abuse by being aggressive in this area. We need to decriminalize marijuana and increase the punishment for dealing in drugs like heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and other potent drugs that are sold on the street. Users should be treated rather than incarcerated.

We, the People, are the single largest payer of healthcare costs through Social Security and Welfare. We will use that leverage to build a better Healthcare network and use our money to control the industry. What I am talking about is world class healthcare that will raise the standard of care and it is the proper role of government relating to private industry, to be the example. My proposal is this"


Industry leaders from the healthcare, hospitality, food service, construction, and transportation sectors, just to name a few, will partner to build a network that provides care, regardless of a person's ability to pay, in regional State Hospitals. Long term care State mental health facilities will also be part of this network.


Maryland's latest push in job creation and workforce development has focused on hospitality, tourism, and healthcare. This network will combine all of those efforts and translate them into high paying jobs providing services in the State network.