Help Me To Understand Something, Please...
Larry Hogan didn't promise a lot in his 2014 campaign for Governor for Maryland but what he did promise is what got him elected. In a state that has been one of the most consistent in terms of support for the Democratic leadership, voters sent a resounding message to them by electing a Republican. The message was that we were tired of failed fiscal policy and it was no longer going to be business as usual in Annapolis. In reviewing his campaign, in preparation for the possibility that I might challenge him for the Republican nomination in 2018, I found this aspect to be very interesting. When questions of fiscal policy were brought up, Gov. Hogan attacked the poor economic climate in Maryland, and rightfully so, by telling the truth. Marylanders were upset over the 40 plus tax increases enacted under the O'Malley administration and were tired of all of the tax incentives being given to select corporations. In my opinion, this is what got him elected and it has to be viewed as a major promise that he has not kept. In fact, it should pretty much doom his 2018 bid.

In Oct. of 2014, in his final debate with former Lt. Gov Brown, Hogan attacked Brown and the O'Malley administration for their "$544Million to just a handful of corporations in corporate give-a-ways" but did I hear him say yesterday that Maryland was offering just one company, Amazon, $5Billion in tax incentives if they relocate their headquarters to Maryland? Isn't that a corporate give-a-way? That was something the he said he "wouldn't do." He validated it by stating that very fact. The way that I see it, not only did he do it, he increased it. Governor Hogan campaigned heavily on rolling back taxes for individuals, not offering tax incentives to corporations, something he said he'd never do. He has failed to rollback any of the taxes that he said he would and absolutely broke the record on corporate give-a-ways if Amazon picks Maryland. I just want to know if I have this straight or is there something that I am missing.
Thank you!