House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Re: Deputy US Attorney Rod Rosenstein
October 23, 2017
Congressman Trey Gowdy, Chairman
Congressman Elijah Cummings, Ranking Minority Member
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
2157 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20006
Dear Sirs:

            Recent reports indicate that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will be looking into the circumstances related to Uranium One and the possibility that corrupt acts occurred during the sale of uranium to Russia. These corrupt acts caused officials at the United States Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, to withhold notifying the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States that a scheme involving bribes, kickbacks, and other crimes against the public trust were being investigated by the United States against the companies involved in that sale. The concealment of these facts from the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States permitted Uranium One to acquire 20% of America’s uranium reserves. Had the information been disclosed properly, this deal could not have been approved by rule of law. I believe that this matter is of extreme importance and whether anyone is guilty or not, the impact of your investigation will have a tremendous effect on the level of confidence Americans have in their elected officials over how our vital national security interests are put at risk.
            What is of particular import and immediate concern to the residents of the State of Maryland is the role of Deputy United States Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the Uranium One incident. While my knowledge of the matter is limited to just media reports, I will refrain from discussing it, as your investigation will uncover the facts surrounding it. The officials involved enjoy a presumption of innocence, until a trial before their peers administers the appropriate adjudication relating to it. As a defender of the Constitution, I will endeavor to respect that right. I will also trust in the system and will eagerly await the findings of this committee. I would however, like to address Deputy US Attorney Rosenstein’s actions and how it has affected Maryland.
            As you are well aware, Deputy US Attorney General Rosenstein served as US Attorney for the District of Maryland, prior to his appointment and overwhelming confirmation vote by the US Senate to that office. In his role as US Attorney for Maryland, he was charged with prosecuting criminal matters that involved federal violations of the law. In his current role, his responsibilities are much greater and the reason why this matter is important, and probably more so to Maryland, because of his failure to prosecute allegations of corruption in Baltimore City. Due to the lack in confidence the public has in law enforcement and the lack of any resemblance of law enforcement actions initiated towards our public officials, Baltimore has effectively become the lawless town that it is today. One of the responsibilities of a United States District Attorney is to investigate criminal allegations for which he has knowledge of and that of allegations brought to his attention by citizens who seek to present charges of violations of federal law against perpetrators of those crimes. Deputy US Attorney General Rosenstein grossly abused his office by throwing complaints of corruption against Baltimore City elected and appointed officials in the trash, or as Mr. Alan Loucks, counsel for the US Attorney for Maryland’s office said, “they go into a black box, never to see the light of day again.” All of this seemingly being done while he was investigating and concealing facts vital to American security interest from government regulators related to Uranium One.
           Congressman Cummings, the ranking member for the minority of this committee, has knowledge of the complaints made by citizens regarding the unconstitutional culture of corruption that the citizens of the City of Baltimore have been subjected to by our elected and appointed officials, but no single evidence of his knowledge of those complaints can be better demonstrated than his involvement in the period of civil unrest that occurred in Baltimore City after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody. The civil unrest was not a direct result of Mr. Gray’s fatal encounter with the police but the lack of responsiveness from our elected officials to address the problem that has plagued Baltimore for several years. That issue is the questionable circumstances under which police officers kill black men but are never held accountable for those actions in a court of law. A case to which I am very familiar with and have been an observer of the court proceedings relating to it is that of the killing of Maurice Donald Johnson. Mr. Johnson was experiencing a mental crisis and needed emergency medical care. He arrived home unexpectedly upset and speaking, as though he was being targeted for assassination by the police. His mother, using her experience in providing home healthcare services to people suffering from disabilities, calmed her son and called for an ambulance. The police arrived prior to the arrival of medical personnel for the Baltimore City Fire Department and Mr. Johnson, who was unarmed at the time, was shot and killed by the responding police officers. This tragedy was compounded when his mother was taken into custody and made to give a statement to police, without a lawyer being present and after witnessing the death of her son, without any consideration for the trauma that she suffered. It continued in her pursuit of justice for her son, as she was denied basic due process rights that were disregarded by the Courts. Her story, and that of all mothers who sons and daughters are killed like this, deserve to be listened to and the full effect of their heartbreak considered. They certainly deserve justice, if it can be found.
           In the aftermath of Mr. Gray’s death, the United States Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division was requested, at the “behest” of City officials, to investigate the Baltimore Police Department. In their investigation, the Department of Justice found widespread unconstitutional violations of the law that not only directed the unlawful seizure of people and their property, that led to the unnecessary deaths of countless citizens to date. The scheme infected the investigations that resulted from those unlawful acts and are no less violations of the law than the actual incidents being investigated by Baltimore Police in the first place. Perhaps Congressman Cummings had a degree of faith that the US Attorney in Baltimore upheld his duties and oath of office. If that is the case, please allow this letter to stand as evidence to the contrary. While turning a blind eye to the corrupt actions undertaken in the Uranium One deal, and what is known about them through the prosecution of two Russian agents who were later indicted for their crimes in the matter and throwing the complaints of citizens alleging corrupt acts against Baltimore City officials in the garbage, the Deputy Attorney General turned his back on the citizens of Baltimore, effectively abandoning his oath of office along with his integrity. The cost to Maryland taxpayers alone is in the tens of millions of dollars due to this egregious lack of judicial oversight. Can the United States of America afford the costs of the fundamental mistakes the Deputy US Attorney made in Baltimore?
           Chairman Gowdy, you have mentioned that, “The symbolism of our justice system being represented by a blindfolded woman holding nothing but a set of scales is important because she shouldn’t see the race, the gender, the economic status, or the political affiliation of the person in front of her. She should remain blind to such things or else confidence would be lost. It is not just a criminal suspect that has to have confidence in our justice system, victims of crimes, witnesses, jurors, parties to lawsuits, and the public must have confidence in it. The perception is that justice is fair and equal. It is chiseled into the façade of the Supreme Court, directly across the street from the Capitol building and serves as a beacon to a safe harbor for all who seek it. Instead, multiple incidents of misconduct on the part of law enforcement continue to be reported on the nightly news and the system that our society relies in to instill order is proving deeply flawed. This is because of a dual track or two-tiered justice system that is in place that has a different set of rules for certain people than for others.” Mr. Chairman, that perfectly describes the attitude of prosecuting corruption in Baltimore. When crimes are committed by the public, no expense is spared in prosecuting them but when it comes to our elected and appointed officials, there is an entirely different set of rules.
           As aforementioned, many citizens filed complaints related to the unconstitutional schemes perpetrated by Baltimore City officials that were found to exist in the US Department of Justice’s report on the Baltimore Police Department and interestingly enough, not only were the officials responsible for perpetrating these crimes never prosecuted, the Baltimore City Solicitor was able to successfully defend the City in civil lawsuits that questioned the constitutionality of the City’s actions. What begs to question is, how did the USDOJ find such egregious actions to have taken place and yet the City Solicitor’s Office was able to successfully defend the City officials who were responsible for their criminality? A report by the Associated Press is very enlightening to explain for defense counsel’s legal strategy. They looked into hundreds of cases and found that Baltimore City attorneys demonstrate a pattern and practice of fabricating evidence and submitting fraudulent affidavits to the United States Court. I have direct proof of this fraud in my possession, however, law enforcement is very reluctant to even accept it and when they do it is routinely thrown in the garbage.
           This sort of corruption cannot be implicitly tolerated in a society based on fair an equal justice. In the context of the broad tapestry of misconduct presented by their actions, there is perhaps nothing as primary and significant as the manner in which the Baltimore City Solicitor’s Office perpetrates their fraud, as they provide false and misleading testimony on the most fundamental aspect of litigating matters before the United States Courts. Because government lawyers are afforded an inordinate amount of trust, reflective of their professional oath and the fact that they are officers of the court, they have been able to continue their unlawful patterns and practices. I respectfully intend to set forth those violations sufficiently enough to demonstrate that fraud is being committed by the Baltimore City Solicitor’s Office and to demand an investigation by the United States Department of Justice that is reflective of City Hall’s role in the perpetrating of the fraud and how Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein abandoned his duties on behalf of the citizens of Baltimore. The misconduct is clear, intentional, and willful. Together, the acts amount to a pervasive fraud driven by the goal of prevailing in the Court at whatever the cost or injury inflicted on the judicial system. This makes the United States Courts, and conversely, the citizens of the United States of America, victims of the City of Baltimore’s fraud all the while the lack of oversight by the Deputy Attorney General only empowered them to up their game. Little did we know how Mr. Robert Mueller was involved in this matter. As we were submitting complaints to the FBI, under Director Mueller’s leadership of that agency, he was also willing to turn a blind eye to it. Those complaints were thrown in the garbage, as well.
           In closing, it is my belief that Deputy US Attorney Rosenstein’s record should note his failure to respond appropriately according to the law to the complaints of the citizens of Baltimore City, and the State of Maryland, and at least perform an investigation into those complaints. As a person who is white, it is what I believe the call for awareness to social injustice and police brutality being made by the black community is what their protests are all about. While I may not agree with their form of protest, I cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it is real and has merit. I refuse to be someone like Deputy US Attorney Rosenstein and be unwilling to recognize the seriousness of their concerns. I can only pray that the US Attorney for the District of Maryland will return to upholding fair and equal justice. As much as politicians talk about it, none can be found in Baltimore City. I further pray that the Lord grants you the strength, willingness, and determination in reaching a just conclusion in your current investigation into the Uranium One matter.
                                                                                         Brian Charles Vaeth