Vaeth v. City of Baltimore, et al.
Burned Beyond Recognition
The ideas are not new ones but they are to us. We need to restore the State back to the time when we did what was best for everybody. This government belongs to the people and we're not going to give you anything that you didn't already have. You've just been denied access to it. This administration will only have to be the support that you need to keep your government officials in check.
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restoring the power back to the people.
November 7, 2018 -
​Brian announces his campaign for Governor 2022...
One Maryland is a plan. It is a plan that bridges the gap that divides us. It recognizes that corruption simply cannot be tolerated, we need to do better in educating our children, our infrastructure is crumbling due to years of neglect, and people want jobs. This is probably going to be the most comprehensive plan offered by any campaign but your vote is much too important to be wasted on candidates who refuse to take positions on the issues affecting us most. This campaign will not need to be painted into corner before we are forced to make a decision, it is all here in black & white and it will serve as the roadmap for not only the campaign, but our administration when we take office.


November 10, 2018 -
​Brian's fight against corruption continues in the US Dist. Court...
Coming Nov. 2018 -
​Read the plan. You'll see it is the most comprehensive plan offered by any candidate...
December 4, 2018 -
​The process of selecting a running mate has been completed. Details will soon follow. 
The Plan pdf
A state’s interest in “the protection of its citizenry and the public safety is not only substantial, but compelling.” Kolbe v. Hogan, 849 F.3d 114, 139 (4th Cir. 2017)

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Burned Beyond Recognition
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NOTICE: The content of this website represents information that is in the public's interest. It details actions undertaken by the government to commit fraud on the United States District Court. While it demonstrates evidence specific to my case against the City of Baltimore, it shows how their tactic of submitting fraudulent affidavits can affect you and your property, if it is ever the subject of actions taken by the government to take it. Protect yourself, understand that they must take you to court if they want to seize your property. As much as they don't want you to have Constitutional rights, you still have them, as long as you exercise them. If you don't, they are willing to totally disregard them.
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