The number one priority will always be eliminating corruption.
Budget Reform
Government Reform
Immigration Reform
Government service should be weighed against the cost of that service in the loss of personal freedom. Government exists to protect the rights which are ours from birth, the right to life, to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have way too many agencies, boards, and commissions that have no community advisory panel to provide oversight for the people. We need to change that immediately. All agencies will be reformed in some manner and their regulatory authority will be drastically cut back.
Soon after he took office, former Mayor Martin O’Malley’s Chief of Staff, Michael Enright, made a surprise visit to the office that handled workers' compensation claims for city and school employees. He reported that, “Most of the workers were missing or at lunch,” Michael R. Enright was told, although the hour was 2 p.m. There was paper everywhere, Enright said, piled on desks and crammed into shelves, defying any organized filing system. And near the entrance ...
There is a way to do it right.We are a nation of laws and as Maryland has made the federal law the "Supreme Law of the Land", the government's obligation is to uphold it. There will be no "Sanctuary City" designation allowed. I will vote against any measure that includes funding for jurisdictions that defy the law and the elected officials who stand in defiance of it will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Gun Rights
Healthcare Reform
Public Education
With incidents of terror occurring more often than ever, I believe there is no other option but to allow residents to not only own handguns but that they should also carry them. I will support any legislation introduced by any legislator, despite party affiliation, that attempts to increase your rights in this respect.
We, the People, are the single largest payer of healthcare costs through Social Security and Welfare. We will use that leverage to build a better Healthcare network and use our money to control the industry. What I am talking about is world class healthcare that will raise the standard of care and it is the proper role of government relating to private industry, to be the example. My proposal is this...
I think that the best thing that the federal government can do in regard to education is to get out of the way and allow the states to control what curriculum is taught in their schools. I believe that the more the state can get out of the regulation business the better. You will see this approach in all business before the Senate . We will only ensure that the core federal policies are upheld and submit to no additional regulation.