Maryland Works
Maryland has an opportunity to become a leader in the manufacturing sectors of the emerging renewable energy markets. In most countries the electricity supply industry is now structured as a business rather than a public service supplier, with four separate functions; generation, transmission, distribution and supply, the last consisting of the marketing and sales of energy. In many countries, competition was introduced to generation and supply, while transmission and distribution are natural monopolies, since the electricity has to be delivered physically via the same wires. Privatization has escalated. The result is a mix of systems throughout the world, ranging from traditional single vertically integrated utilities serving an entire country, to Electricity Supply Industries with all functions operating separately and in competition. I have broken down all of the incentives available for implementing solar and wind generation resources. In assessing these programs, which are disappearing slowly but surely, I came up with a plan that allows homeowners to own these systems instead of paying a lease for it, like other companies currently offer. We can apply these principles to creating good paying jobs. We need to get back to fully funding employee pensions and let them be the administrators of them. The scales should tip in the favor of those most affected and who can control what happens with their money.