September 24, 2017

Subject: Blatant Corruption in the City Solicitor's Office

Dear Mayor of Baltimore, City Councilperson, or to Whom It May Concern:

Please see the following letter that I sent to the newly appointed Baltimore City Solicitor. I included it in this email and not as an attachment because I believe it is of essential value and you should be aware of it. I understand that you may not open attachments, as a practice due to the security risks some may pose to your system. The letter details that a long-standing practice of unethical actions, including fraud on the court, has been committed by the City of Baltimore. With this information that identifies that criminal behavior has been being perpetrated, it is the obligation of the Solicitor, as a law enforcement officer, to investigate the allegations. What that office does with it is up to them. I have made enough complaints regarding these same issues that have been disregarded by the City and I have absolutely zero confidence that any action will be taken on this complaint, at this time. I realize that I am requesting the City Solicitor to essentially investigate his office for misconduct. Absent an independent investigation, I doubt that any wrongdoing whatsoever will be found, as long as agencies are permitted to investigate themselves. Any lack of taking the appropriate action, upon receipt of such information, will be viewed as obstruction and those charges will be pursued diligently. This just serves as notification that I will be pursuing justice and accountability by using all avenues of redress I have available, including the courts and US Dept. of Justice.

I invite you, as well, to produce any evidence of any investigation that was performed in the matter relating to my service to the City of Baltimore that is not fraudulent. I have newly discovered evidence that refutes all of the fraud that has been manufactured by the City Solicitor's Office and will be turning it over to the media, law enforcement, and the United States District Court. 

Additionally, the matter will be required to be taken up by the General Assembly to address the systemic lawlessness that is pervasive in Baltimore City.

And with that, I present the letter below:

Judge Davis,

As the newly appointed Baltimore City Solicitor, I write to you in an effort to advance my current and continuing complaint that is the misconduct demonstrated by the Baltimore City Solicitor’s Office under the direction of George Nilson. This misconduct, which I have documented evidence of, is part and parcel of the reason that the public has the demonstrated lack of trust in City Hall they do. As you know, the Baltimore City Solicitor is a law enforcement officer and oversees the agency responsible for investigating allegations of corruption. My continued request for the Baltimore City Inspector General to investigate the complaint that I have, has been ignored by former Inspector General Robert Pearre, despite his never once looking into the allegations contained in the complaints. I believe this is in an effort to cover up the misconduct that includes serious violations of constitutional law and fraud on the court perpetrated by lawyers for the City of Baltimore. These same allegations are also contained in reports by the Associated Press and as has been found in the United States Department of Justice Division of Civil Rights investigation into the unconstitutional pattern and practice of the Baltimore Police Department. The same pattern and practice of fabricating evidence and submitting fraudulent affidavits is now becoming well known to the public and any reform of the Baltimore Police Department should include the lawyers responsible for their own misconduct. I have continuously requested for agencies that indicated that they would not investigate this matter to turn over the evidence of their findings that justify the closing of a complaint that alleges such explosive charges.

Corruption cannot be implicitly tolerated in a society based on fair an equal justice. In the context of the broad tapestry of misconduct presented by their misconduct, there is perhaps nothing as primary and significant as the manner in which the Baltimore City Solicitor’s office perpetrates their fraud, as they provide false and misleading testimony on the most fundamental aspect of litigating matters before the courts. Because government lawyers are afforded an inordinate amount of trust, reflective of their professional oath and the fact that they are officers of the court, I intend to set forth those violations sufficiently to demonstrate that a long-standing pattern and practice of fraud is being committed by the Baltimore City Solicitor’s Office and to demand an investigation by the DOJ that is reflective of the City Hall’s role in the perpetrating of the fraud. The fraud worked upon the court is comprised of numerous acts of misconduct. Although recklessness is all that need be shown to establish a fraud on the Court under the controlling authorities, the majority of the misconduct here is clear, intentional, and willful. Together, the acts amount to a pervasive fraud driven by the goal of prevailing in the court at whatever the cost or injury subjected to the justice system.  

Please accept this as notification that I, along with other Maryland taxpayers who are concerned about the increasing problems of public safety and the lack truthfulness related to how our money is being spent in the City of Baltimore, will be seeking the involvement of the US Department of Justice in ensuring that the public trust is upheld. We will facilitate that request by submitting a complaint, along with evidence to support this request, to the Division of Civil Rights and asking them to expand their former investigation into the Baltimore Police Department to extend to the other law enforcement agencies of the City, as well.

I am not attempting to re-litigate the unlawful denial of my disability retirement benefits, as that injustice occurred years ago. This is an attempt to restore the trust of the public in their representative form of government and to expose the illegal actions of lawyers that we are supposed to be able to trust.

                                                                                                                                                 Thank you,
                                                                                                                                                 ###End of letter.

I remain,
Brian Vaeth