Vaeth v. City of Baltimore, et al.  
Plaintiff, Brian Charles Vaeth, is a resident of Baltimore County, located at 8225 Poplar Mill Road, Nottingham, Maryland 21236.
Defendant, the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City, a municipal corporation, is located at 100 N. Holliday Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.
Defendant, the Board of Trustees for the Fire and Police Employees Retirement System of Baltimore City is the administrator of the City’s pension plan for public safety employees and is located at 7 E Redwood St Suite 19e, Baltimore, MD 21202.
It is alleged that each of the Defendants, along with their employees and agents, participated personally in the unlawful conduct challenged herein and, to the extent that they did not personally participate, authorize, acquiesce, set in motion, or otherwise fail to take necessary steps to prevent the acts that resulted in the unlawful conduct and the harm suffered by Plaintiff, each acted in concert with each other. Their acts directly caused the violation of Plaintiffs’ rights and fraud to be committed on this Court...
Exhibit 1 - LGTCA Notification

Exhibit 2 - Record Before the Panel of Hearing Examiner, Bd. of Trustees, F&PERS

Exhibit 3 - Decision 1 Sept. 2000

Exhibit 4 - Appeal of Decision 1 of the Panel of Hearing Examiners

Exhibit 5 - Decision 2 Aug. 2003

Exhibit 6 - Appeal of Decision 2 of the Panel of Hearing Examiners

Exhibit 7 - Workers Compensation Commission Documents

Exhibit 8 - Affidavit of Dep Chief Devilbiss, Jr. BCFD 2009

Exhibit 9 - Transcript of US Dist. Ct. Hearing

Exhibit 10 - Supplemental Letter of City Solicitor

Exhibit 11 - Email Chief of Fire Department

Exhibit 12 - Email of Mayor's Office of Constituent Svcs.

Exhibit 13 - Petty v. City of Baltimore